CUBike is a sustainable, interactive theatre experience that combines music, artistry, entertainment and sustainability.

In the middle of the room or open space stands a cube on a 4 feet high platform. 16 feet wide, 16 feet deep and 16 feet tall this (perspex) structure weighs approximately 4t with openings at the top and side. The Cube becomes the stage. The audience sits or stands around the cube. Located at each corner of the cube you’ll find a bicycle, that members of the audience need to ride in order to generate energy for the structure.

Whoever wishes to see the performance, must play an active role in it. When people start pedaling, the cube is consequently bathed in light and brought to life. The energy of the audience initiates the performance, illuminates the cubes LEDs and starts the music accompaniment. The audience is - unlike at regular events - immersively integrated into the show. The artists use the energy generated from the pedaling and project it through the performance back to the audience creating a symbiotic cycle and integrating the audience into the production while overcoming traditional boundaries.


Be a part of it!!